Friday, November 8, 2013


Hard to believe it's been over a year since my last post. I've been playing and running a lot of Savage Worlds in the past year! I stumbled across a blog today, Advanced Dungeons and Parenting. I used to follow his old site with Savage Worlds Supers and one of his recent posts discussed Hawkeye in Savage Worlds. I copy and pasted from my stat card so he looks a little wonky here:

Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Notice d8(+2), Shooting d12+2, Stealth d8, Taunt d10, Throwing d10
Pace: 8, Parry: 7/16, Toughness: 10 (3)

Heroic (Always helps those in need)
Overconfident (Super Cocky)
Quirk (Smart Alec)

Acrobat (+1 Parry; +2 to Agility rolls)
Combat Reflexes (+2 to recover from Shaken)
Dead Shot (Double Ranged damage on a Joker)
Improved Extraction (Withdraw from all opponents with Agility roll )
Fleet Footed (Pace 8; d10 running die)
Improved Trademark Weapon (+2 Shooting with his bow)
Marksman (+2 to Ranged attacks if he doesn’t move)
Steady Hands (Ignore Unstable Platform penalty; Running penalty –1)

Attack, Ranged (20) Switchable. Device.
1.   Attack Ranged (15) 3XDamage. Focus. 18/36/72, 5d6 Ignores inanimate Armor
2.   Attack Ranged (15) 1XDamage. 2xRapid Attack. 3xAP, 18/36/72, 3d6 RoF: 3, AP 6
3.   Parry (6) +9 Parry
     Deflection (6) -6 to be hit with Ranged Attacks
     Swinging (3) 12” movement in addition to normal move.
Heightened Senses (2) Eagle Eyes (150% on Range)
Super Attributes (3) Agility +1 step, Strength +1 step, Vigor +1 step
Super Skills (5) Climbing +1 step, Fighting +1 step, Notice +1 step, Shooting +2 steps, Stealth +2 steps, Taunt +1 steps, Throwing +2 steps

Armor (+3 chainmail)

Arrow Heads
Adhesive (Agility vs Shooting roll; Toughness 10)
Bludgeon (Nonlethal damage)
Concussion (Vigor –2 or Shaken & -2 Parry; MBT optional)
EMP (Additional d6 damage to electronics; Malfunction)
Flash/Bang (Agility –2 or Shaken & -2 Parry; MBT optional)
Net/Bola (1/2 Pace, -2 to Agility & Strength skills; Agility or Strength roll at –2 to break free, MBT optional)

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