Monday, May 5, 2008


The group continued on their journey from Tierny to Five Cross. They witnessed a collection of "road tax" from some of Lord Bigamere Bronn's men on the road. They stopped at Genevieve's Kitchen & Inn for some information and a meal but decided to stay the night. Two of the party members were awoke in the night as something was heard in the barn where they were sleeping. They followed the creature into the night but were unable to find it. It was apparently going through their saddle bags perhaps looking for something. In the morning they were unable to find any tracks since it had been raining all night...

Later that morning they met with a local huntsman who had killed two Ratzin and for two silver pieces agreed to take them to where he found them. After finding tracks and searching the wilderness the group came upon a small cave that some of them quickly entered... And found a group of Ratzin led by a rather large Minotaur. A fierce battle ensued!

After narrowly escaping death and defeating the small horde of Childer the group mourned their lost companions and searched the cave. There they found a few small purses of gold with the stamp of the Kingdom of Erimar and a letter signed by G. The group decided to press on to Five Cross and took the head of the Minotaur, the letter and gave the gold to the local peasants to help rebuild their farms and fields that had been burned.

Centenium Council

4-14-08 Our story begins with the meeting of the Five. Each of them has a part to play in the future of Shaintar and as they meet and discuss their plans they realize each of them has been marked with the White Hand. Each of them represents the fingers of a hand that when banded together makes a fist of great power. Each player gave a rousing speech at the Council and were rewarded with gifts and prophecies about the coming War of Flame.

The Speaker sang a song of prophecy and read an epic poem of Light & Life that strengthened the group and equipped them with knowledge of the creatures of Flame. Afterwards they met with Sgt. Guz who was heading back to Kythros. He recognized the twins from their earlier service in the Rangers and extended an invitation to the group to join the Grey Rangers. He also told them of trouble in Five Cross and asked them to investigate.

As the group headed to Five Cross they were attacked late one night by a group of wolves lead by a huge Werewolf. After a narrow victory and the loss of several horses they determined that tracks they found in the wilderness led away from the group and there were more creatures of Darkness following them... They were determined to get to Five Cross and find the owner of the tracks later.