Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Agents of Oblivion: Silent Night

So we gathered the Friday before GenCon for a quick game of Agents of Oblivion. The agents were to infiltrate the Nagasaki Research and Development building to find out what happened to one of their scientists. He was working on an Eyes Only project for Pandora as a double agent and they had to find him, his research and get out!

This was the roof. The agents had to use HA/LO gear (Hi Altitude, Low Opening) to parachute down to the roof of the 5 story building. There were several guards they had to dispatch.

The complete scene one.

Inside the research facility they find things are worse than they feared! What are all these containers and why are the shapes in the darkness not moving?

Because the shapes are zombies!!! And they are moving now!!!

Agent Jackson faces down two zombie troopers.

All roads lead to doom...

Shellie took this one without me knowing.

This one too I think.

The Agents have left the building... to chase down the escaping Pandora operative!

They finally catch up to her and a bloody battle ensues...

Overall, a fun time. Although next time I will have equipment and pre-op gear/weapons already selected for the Agents. That took almost an hour of our time at the beginning.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Savage Historicon Realms of Cthulhu

Kevin and I ponder our fate.

A house in the middle of no where surrounded by dead people and something is living in the attic. Thanks for leaving us the deed dad!

Deb feeds Zane (under the table) while her friend gets into character!

Joe and Deb made a trip to Historicon to run a game for me and my friend Kevin. They brought two friends of their own to make our party complete! Joe ran us through a scenario from the original Cthulhu book but used the new Realms of Cthulhu from Reality Blurs available at GenCon this weekend!

We had a lot of fun getting into character. Joe had a lot of fun in the scene where our father died (messily) in his hospital bed while telling us of his dark secret!

Strangely we all lived and no one went insane. Well, except maybe Zane (Deb's dog)! :-)

Savage Historicon WW2!

So I promised some photos of the Savage Worlds gaming at Historicon. Wait no longer!!! (You've waited over a month already).

These photos are of Mike Sarno and Corey Weaver from the forums. They ran a World War 2 game with over 38 units! The idea was the Germans had to get a tank across a Russian held front. If they were successful they got to use it in the next scenario. They had four players and used Modern Ops and the Forward Observer rule from Fields of Honor as a homebrew for this game.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Historicon Photos (Wild West Table 4)

Last set of these. Hopefully, John G. is happy now!

Historicon Photos (Wild West Table 3)

Third set!

Historicon Photos (Wild West Table 2)

Second batch!

Historicon Photos (Wild West Table 1)

Here are the photos from the Wild West game I played at Historicon. The table was over 50' long!