Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Photos

These are from the second game... Ma's Money. It seems that one of Ma's hoodlums had buried her money in the train yard and booby trapped it so no trespassers would come a callin. However, he was captured by corrupt Feds and spilled the beans. The police got an annonymous tip that there was trouble in the old abandoned train yard and a three way battle ensued. Of course, the snitch couldn't remember exactly where he buried the $$$ so there were encounter markers on the board that Wild Cards could search and try to find the loot...

Gamer's Haven Memorial Day Pulp Game

It's been a while since I've updated! Memorial Day weekend was a great one for Savage Worlds games. We played two games at Gamer's Haven. The first game was a dino hunt Kevin ran using alternative rules. Hopefully I'll be convincing him to use the dinos from Sticks and Stones so we can play a Savage version of it. The second game was a Ravaged Earth shoot out featuring my recurring group of Ma's gang, her rival Jimmy Malone (police) and the FBI. We also played two Savage Worlds games later that night at my house (Deadlands & Heroic Adventures) but I didn't get any photos since Shellie took the camera with her to Kentucky that weekend!