Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Close Up

Here's a close up of the Dragon taking out a few characters and Maylar Moonshade (Gary) making a Touch Attack to deliver a Size Change spell to make the Dragon smaller!

Shaintar: Shivak-Novos, the Grey Lands

So in our climatic battle against Lord Moonshade he managed to kill his son Cerellean Moonshade (Troy's character) and trap his essence/life force inside the Mirror of Shame... The good guys escaped and decided to try and rescue their fallen brother from the Grey Lands where his life force was trapped. And so, I set up this little adventure in Shivak-Novos. I took the info from the Corelisia world book and used a McFarlan Dragon as the guardian of his life force. Sean has alluded to Dragons in a few places in the Shaintar info and so I thought it would be fun to use one as an NPC guardian. It was lots of fun! I used the stats from the Red Dragon in core book. Here are some photos!