Thursday, October 16, 2008

Savage Update

Well, it's certainly been a while since I posted here. That's mostly because no one was reading it... in fact, even my own players are too lazy to check here. So, if any of my players read this I will give you a green benny for our next game! Just don't tell any of the others so I can see who read this. :-)

Anywho, Savage gaming continues. We will be concluding our Savage Serenity: Season 2 campaign next month. We will then start Slipstream or a second Shaintar group.

We are also finishing up my Golden Age of Superheroes mini-campaign. Most of those players will end up in Slipstream or the 2nd Shaintar group as well.

We will start a Necropolis mini-campaign heading into winter and if we like it enough it will turn into a full blown campaign using the Plot Points.

And of course, I am still running Savage Worlds Showdowns occasionally (Star Wars most recently and Rippers next week). We are also playing Ravaged Earth at my local Game Store once a month.

So here is the gaming schedule for the rest of October. Hopefully, someone from my gaming groups will find it useful.

Sunday, October 19th - Ravaged Earth (Gamer's Haven)

Monday, October 20th - Golden Age of Super Heroes (Oblivion)

Tuesday, October 21st - Rippers, the Horror Wars (Showdown)

Monday, October 27th - Shaintar, Band of the Hand


Anonymous said...

That...was life changing. Well written Normie. Ok, so is that a green benny in every game that I am playing in? That only seems fair. Otherwise, I cant rub into everyone else's faces...

The Loremaster said...

I'm watching you, Norm .... every breath you take ... every move you make .... every mook you Shake ... I'll be watching you. :)

Best thing to do is get set up with an RSS reader and subscribe to people's blogs. That way, you can get updates as they happen.

Like you can do with my blog: [plug, plug, plug]

And weren't you going to post the 80's action heroes stats?

Gus said...

Too bad you don't live closer to the east side, or I'd join you, dude.

Anonymous said...

this is proof if you whine loud enough ... people really will read your blogs!

tombthroat said...

So this means I get a green benny...? What's this Rippers Showdown game? Why was I not informed?!

Norm Hensley said...

Hey guys! Thanks for reading... I guess I'll start updating the site a bit more.

ChaosSteve said...

I'm grabbin' that green benny while I can! Please ship to Indianapolis pronto! Otherwise, I'll never remember you owe it to me. BTW, great game as always Norm!

Oh, and my first thought upon reading your forum post was..."Norm has a blog?"