Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Campaign: Shaintar!

I am starting a new Savage Worlds campaign in the Shaintar setting. I have 5 players and each of them have gone through their "Intro" adventure which is a one on one game with the GM (me). It helps us establish their background and reason for getting involved in the storyline. It also gives the player a chance to get "into character" before the first session.

The year is 3120. Representatives from many lands of Shaintar have been gathering at Mindoth's Tower to meet with the druid's newly-formed Centenium Council. No longer a gathering of information, ideas and long range plans, it has become a war council. In less than 12 months the Gates of Hell are going to open again...

The Players:

Maylar Moonshade (Gary)
Eldark Sorcerer, member of the royal Eridor family through his mother (Noble) and older twin with Cerellean Moodshade. Maylar has always been the black sheep of the family and sought out power over peace. While he searches for his father's killer (Vow) he also seeks his own personal gain (Greed-Minor) and is rather vocal about his abilities (Arrogant). He and Cerellean have been sent to bring news of Eldara to the Centenium Council at Mindoth's Tower.

Cerellean Moonshade (Troy)
Eldakar druid, member of the royal Eridor family through his mother (Noble) and younger twin with Maylar Moonshade. Cerellean is the more thoughtful of the twins and has promoted peace through Life. He is always ready to help those in need (Heroic) , respects all Life (Code of Honor) and is fiercely protective of his friends and family (Loyal). He also searches for his father's killer to bring him to justice (Vow). He and Maylar have been sent to bring news of Eldara to the Centennial Council at Mindoth's Tower.

Ponzi Zzar Starpath (Brent)
Aevakar prince (Noble) and inheritor of his wife's enchanted Cavalier Armor. Ponzi is haunted by his past... A slave in the Kal-A-Nar Empire he was rescued by his wife only to see her captured by the slavers that kept him prisoner. Ponzi has promised to find his wife (Vow), reunite the scattered Aevakar under his banner (Vow) and will help all those less fortunate than himself (Heroic). He is heading to Mindoth's Tower to bring news of his scattered people and look for other Aevakar willing to take up the coming fight against the Queen of Flame.

Shiv Taank {Blackclaw} (Charlie)
A Brinchie born into slavery, Blackclaw escaped at a young age and wandered from town to town until he was found by a wandering Korindian master (Kor In Student). The master began teaching Blackclaw to control his anger and how to use his abilities to help those in need (Heroic).
However, the teacher was killed by the slavers looking for Blackclaw. Now he is wandering looking for a place to belong and overcome his weaknesses (Arrogant & Illiterate).

Dothan (Allen)
Korindian wanderer and Adept, Dothan has yet to find his place in life. He has taken up the Law of Kor, his own personal (Code of Honor) and will always help those in need (Heroic). He has vowed to protect Life (Pacifist-minor) As an outsider to even his own people, Dothan has been sent as part of an envoy to Mindoth's Tower to share news and support from the Korindian people for the coming war.

The above characters have a lot more to their backgrounds and stories but this is a glimpse of them. Also, I've included a few Edges/Hindrances but not all of them. Just what the other players see/know at the start of the campaign.

So my story is taking place approximately 12 months prior to the Raven's Quest from the main book. My plan is to have three groups total with divergent story lines that over lap and eventually get to the War of Flame in 3121. The above heroes have started as Novice characters (with 10 xp each) and will probably be somewhere around Veteran when Ceynara awakens and starts the War of Flame! Then we will play the Raven's Quest to Legendary. At that point, the campaign will be about a year old or so and we'll see what SPF does with his material. My plan is for the real campaign to take off with three groups of Legendary characters that are central to the fate of all of Shaintar!

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