Thursday, December 6, 2007

Savage Gear!

I must admit that I love gear and equipment. That's one of my favorite things to do at character creation. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of "crunchy bits" for the gear in the Savage Worlds rules. So I'm going to stat up a few of my favorites from some movies I've watched recently. Here they are:

Crotch Gun
This piece of gear was first seen in the "guitar case" that the Mariachi in Desperado carried. It wasn't used in the film but the weapon was expanded and saw use in the film From Dusk Till Dawn. The idea came from Rodriguez and Savini (the special fx guy).

Hooligan Mark 1
Created for a vigilante Mariachi by a small firearms shop in northern Mexico. The short barrel and dual revolving cylinders are hidden behind a black codpiece. The assembly is spring activated by a specific motion of the wearer's hips. The assembly is difficult to aim, which accounts for the short ranges.

The crotch gun has 2 chambers of 6 bullets each. It fires in a three round burst and can do so once per round. It takes an action to active and the user makes an opposed Stealth roll versus the targets Notice roll. With a success the shooter gets the Drop on the target. You may only get the Drop once per combat with this weapon.

Model: Rodriguez-Savini Crotch Gun Mark 1 (.357 Magnum)
Range: 1/2/4
Damage: 2d6
ROF: 3RB only
Ammo: 12

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